Houston Police Department press conference and b-roll all shot in 24hrs, and additional 30second SAME DAY edit for WatchGuard Video.

Real Estate home preview.  Pilot shot of custom home built on Schroon Lake.

Had the privilege to go and capture the story of our friends Jon & Andy Erwin of Erwin Brothers Motion Pictures. These guys are doing incredible work and we visited them on the set of their most recent film "WOODLAWN." Listen to how they got their start and what drives them to tell stories today.
Listen to Slavko tell his journey to faith and how his heart changed to be willing to return to his home country of war-torn Bosnia & Herzegovina.
Dr. Andrea Zaki is making a huge impact on Egyptian society. His training, provided in part by Langham Partnership, has prepared him to serve today as the leader of both the largest NGO in Egypt, as well as the President of the Protestant Churches of Egypt.
WatchGuard VISTA body worn camera product film. This was shot on location in Dallas with the help of Joe Trimble from Selladore Films. Edited and animated by our friends at TriLion Studios.

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